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hey! this page is essentially kinddd of like a blog, but more specifically dedicated to analyzing the lore and what it means (although my personal opinions may be sprinkled throughout and this isn't intended to be professional). e.g. "what are william's motivations?" and "who actually haunts golden freddy?" basically i'm like matpat but gay and not trying to make things more convoluted


i think glitchtrap's personality would be like what would happen if you dialed william's personality up to 11. it's trying to replicate all of his traits but has no real basis for how much is too much, the context or strength behind any particular trait, or the nuance involved.

where william is silly, glitchtrap is an absolute fucking goober. where william is unstable, glitchtrap is completely volatile. and of course where william is selfish, glitchtrap is just supervillain type evil. you get the point. one thing that is funnily enough 1:1 is that they're both constantly playing characters, where it's debatable if there's any kind of true self beneath the roles they play.

the aspects of him that DON'T get grabbed are arguably the most human ones. the grief, the twinge of regret that he's buried down so far within him, his love for his family. hell, even the jealousy and obsession are absent. ironically glitchtrap is basically just how they fucked up william's personality in canon

and just cause i feel the need to add the disclaimer here. william is NOT glitchtrap - he is well and dead in pizza sim.

raccoon-in-a-dumpster asked: what was mike's adolescence like?

thats where shit really starts to go down ‼

he's hit puberty, getting moody, starting to really feel like none of his family cares about him (especially william). for now this is mostly internalized but he's definitely noticing william pays more attention to his siblings than to him, and that continues to fester within him. he starts acting out & being rebellious to get his father's attention (bad attention is better than none for him), starts slipping in school, groups up with the mean kids. and eventually he begins taking his anger out on his brother too by bullying him. blah blah blah bite of 83 happens you get it.

michael knows he has fucked up. very. very badly.

a week passes. evan(cc) dies. dad has refused to talk to him ever since the accident. mom wont look him in the eyes. lizzie isn't nearly as upbeat as she used to be. his friends left him. there's nowhere for that anger to go anymore, and nowhere for the grief either. so he just... starts keeping it inside. he mellows out, hardly fights back anymore - if he's being yelled at he probably deserves it, in his mind. it's not like his personality disappears, but the spark has extinguished. no one wants to associate with the kid who killed his own brother. eventually william starts talking to him again, but... there's no hint of fondness in his voice anymore. just resentment.

michael doesn't know what to do with himself. he's got bad grades, no discernable passions (art seems useless to him, and his interest in robotics was snuffed out long ago), and no real goal in life. he's just... there. lizzie dies, mom leaves, but he can hardly even cry. it's like the world moves around him, but he does not.

when michael is nearing 18, the anger and grief kind of partially turns to apathy and that continues into his adulthood. so when he's scooped its like "well. this might as well happen to me. whatever". also he has this whole sense that he *needs* to make things right, fix what he ruined, which is why he willingly goes to the sister location. he can't get evan back, but he can at least get lizzie... right?

late into their college days, henry breaks it off with william because they Just Cant Be Together Like This(bla bla bla 60's/70's homophobia) and he's a Good Christian Man. immediately going to marry a woman to make up for his 'sins'. william getting a wife because he sees henry doing it and feels like its something he has to do.

dating around, escalating to sleeping around trying to fill the void, hoping someone will click but nobody makes him feel the way henry does at all. even clara, who came the closest out of anyone else, was still more out of obligation than true love cause of an accidental pregnancy.

as much as william loves his kids - michael was a mistake and he really wasn't ready to have a kid yet, locking him to a path he wasn't sure he wanted to walk. he's a shitty parent because he was never actually prepared and at that point the diner is taking up a lot of his time so he just kinda escapes to the diner and buries himself in his work most of the time.

once michael's siblings are born, he tends to give better treatment to them(better experience + he actually wanted them), even though he loves them all there is definitely favoritism and a hint of resentment. despite knowing that michael didnt do anything wrong. of course, he feels a lot more justified in that resentment after evan(CC)'s death.

(written on 11/4) ok serious thoughts on the fnaf movie this time. they're a little scattered but i did just see it so i gotta think on it some more before i give like an actually structured review. but immediate thoughts post-viewing:

i had fun with the movie! i thought it was enjoyable. was hoping for at LEAST a little more blood (i really wanted to see william fucking explode into blood for one) but i knew there wasn't gonna be much since its pg13. it wasn't scary like in the slightest except for 1 jumpscare that almost kind of got me but i wish they set up the atmosphere a little bit more.

i think that the pacing is NOTTTT very good at all. william needed more screen time 100% and there wasn't that great of a build up to the climax. maybe its more impactful to people who didn't already know that steve is william, but i'd wager that they're probably like HUH WHUH??? at that reveal because its not really. set up that much. and yes im biased because i fucking love william ok.

MAJOR GRIPE. i hate that vanessa is related to william. please stop retconning the afton family scott pretty please. give that man his dead children back. i seriously seriously love the "man goes fucked up sicko mode because of his grief" trope but alas.

i think matthew lillard did a great job, BUT... we barely got to see him at all! and, especially with the "i always come back line..." i cringed a little bit man. like what are you coming back from? you haven't died yet man. there's nothing to come back from yet tf are you yappin about. it felt like it was really shoved in there honestly. we DESPERATELY needed to see more of him! in fact, most of the characters needed more set up! like ok... mike lost his brother? why should i care. mike is gonna lose his sister? why should i care tho?? these kids died but they dont really seem like they care too much about being dead either so whats the big deal.


also a lot of stuff just kind of isn't resolved? like the mike vs his aunt thing. is his aunt dead or...? + what was the fucking freddy saw trap thing that doesn't get explained at all. did the police not see that or does william just lug that thing in and out of the building constantly. what's it even for.

im also curious about some things. whats up with that kid who had a midnight motorist shirt (im assuming its just a fun reference since fnaf 6 wouldn't even be possible with the movie lore thus far). whats up with the other random springlock animatronic that is never named nor do we get a full look at. Where's Henry. are we just straight up ditching henry this time around?

i came into this knowing it wouldn't be lore accurate nor gory because of the rating but ugh. Ughhhh. can we please settle on one fnaf timeline to be canon its been almost 10 years we don't needa be playing like this anymore bro. i want to see the afton family for REAL show me cc getting his fuckin head chomped off or elizabeth getting snatched. give us literally any of the original missing children give us cassidy or something. like even in the silver eyes at least we got henry ffs! it just makes me a little sad knowing that one of the rejected scripts WAS accurate to the game lore. but let me be clear - i did enjoy the movie! it was fun! it's just that a lot of it kind of crumbles if you stop to think about it for more than a few seconds.

final rating 6/10 movie mid not enough william afton moaning and whimpering AMEN! /j

you might have seen what i said before about FNAF being a tragedy at it's core - but what do i mean by that? what evidence do i have?

i think for one, the murders are inherently tragic; children whose lives were cut short far too soon by a selfish, cruel killer. trapped for eternity inside bulky, not-well-maintained animatronics, forced to sing and dance all day and all you can do is watch as the luckier, living children run around and play just like you once did... there is no way to free yourself, no way to go back to what you once were.

i find william's downfall to be particularly intriguing. a man who seemed to have everything life could give handed to him on a platter - a wife, kids, a nice house, a nice car, a successful business and at least a decent amount of money (albeit it with at least a few mental issues) - but one day loses his son in a horrible accident, marking the start of his downward spiral as his grief and inability to let go ends up wrecking everything that he had left, losing his friends and family through his own selfish, dark desires. losing henry and getting kicked out of fazbear ent. because he killed charlie, losing another child to his own creation that was meant to gather remnant to bring his son back.

there's a sense of betrayal as well - william killed henry's daughter charlie, despite knowing the pain of losing a child, despite knowing how much henry meant to him and how charlie considered him family. william betrayed his oldest son michael by sending him into what was basically a death trap, all in attempt to find and retrieve elizabeth (his daughter) who he also couldn't bear to lose.

but did it really have to be that way? that's the thing. william couldn't see past his own self-centered thoughts, his grief becoming all-consuming, and at some point he just loses the thread of what he started this all for and realizes that maybe, just maybe, he actually does enjoy killing. and he doesn't even regret it in the end. maybe he regrets the consequences, yes, but he wouldn't take back what he did...

  • bisexual
  • TRANSGENDUH because i said so
  • probably has ASPD (antisocial), NPD (narcissism), and mayyybe autism
  • 6ft 2in. built like a fucking twig. cannot lift shit
  • hobbies r robotics, designing animatronics, acting, journaling, and juggling
  • very afraid of death
  • quick personality rundown: he's genuinely a silly goofy guy. dramatic and theatrical, loves to entertain. very charismatic and manipulative. kind of an asshole underneath the surface though, being obsessive and incredibly selfish.
  • was pretty well off in his childhood (considering the fact that he has a posh accent, which isn't exclusive to one place in britain but typically associated with high social class)
  • though i do think his parents weren't the greatest, and that's why william isn't the greatest parent either.
  • tentatively saying he was from brighton originally. subject to change though.
  • he has a crooked nose and a missing tooth because he used to get into a lot of fights when he was younger. turns out being visibly fruity back in Ye Olden Days(/j) was not so good ;^-^
  • was pretty socially isolated as a kid and never had a lot of friends. part of the reason he latches onto henry so hard
  • moved to america for college at which point he met both henry and his wife
  • def had some kinda gay thing going on with henry, but it was never really defined. kind of just like guys being dudes. dudes being insanely homoerotic bros. etc.
  • william is still lowkey kind of wanting henry. but henry does not return those feelings anymore since they're both married and have kids and HENRY AINT NO CHEATER
  • got married to his wife pretty young because of accidental pregnancy ;P
  • michael was said accident. william still loves michael despite this ofc but like he kind of gets pushed to the side after elizabeth and evan are born.
  • obviously michael is not a big fan of being neglected and that's part of what causes him to do the bite of '83
  • i do think william does actually like kids cause why else would he open what is basically chuck e cheese if he didn't like kids. he has a lot of fun acting goofy and entertaining them in his silly little fursuit
  • he wasn't a GREAT dad, but i don't think he completely fucking sucked. i think his intentions were good and he was trying to be a decent parent, but since he's a workaholic and kind of a helicopter parent he wasn't. amazing or anything.
  • probably why his wife divorced him tbf
  • part of his jealousy over henry is how henry is a better dad and a better inventor than he is. but if you were to ask william he would say he's better than henry. so it's really contradictory based on william's mood.
  • evan's death sends william down an insane fuckin spiral. charlie is unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time, when william snaps and kills her. he feels he deserves revenge of some kind of henry, since fredbear is technically henry's animatronic, and the one responsible for the bite.
  • but then william sees fredbear and the puppet acting strangely, and he realizes... maybe he could bring his son back? which is an idea he becomes obsessed with, and when the new freddy's location opens up he decides to sneak in and kill some kids within the span of 3 or so days. blah blah you know how it goes.
  • at first he's trying to completely justify it by saying it's all for his son (and later also for his daughter), and he just wants to bring them back, but eventually william realizes he kind of enjoys killing actually.
  • it feels good to have power, after spending so much of his life powerless. it's almost addictive to him. (from the silver eyes, "...those who grew spiteful with their small scraps of power, feeling more and more abused by the year - by family who did not appreciate them, by neighbors who slighted them in imperceptible ways, by a world that left them, somehow, lacking something essential." and "...had spent so much of his life fighting like a cornered rat...")
  • it doesn't take long for the bodies to get discovered, since the smell is incredibly obvious from inside the animatronics. henry is the primary suspect alongside william, but william gets off scott-free because he's really good with his words, and bc of insufficient evidence :3c
  • henry actually almost gets convicted but he's able to get out of it too
  • by this point henry and william's relationship is almost completely dissolved and dead but henry keeps covering up william's crimes so that freddy's doesn't get any bad press or loss of revenue
  • william dies in 1993 after returning to the fnaf 1 location to destroy the old animatronics, hoping to free the spirits and avoid their wrath but this backfires on him and the spirits corner him and he gets in the suit like a STOOPID IDIOT and dies
  • he's then locked in the saferoom for the next 30 years, rotting and immobile with nothing but his thoughts to entertain him. and he has a lot of time to think - but he doesn't regret anything he's done, after all he was just trying to bring back his children right? (his thoughts not mine jsyk) and the only one he might regret killing is charlie because of what that did to his and henry's relationship.
  • fnaf 6 is the end. nothing after that is canon to me tbh

i think that william is actually a very silly goofy guy! he's dramatic, he's an entertainer and an actor as shown by how he acts when he's wearing the springbonnie suit. although he's definitely playing it up for an effect there, he's still kind of uhh. theatrical i think. but he's also very charismatic and could probably smooth talk his way out of prettty much anything, which is part of the reason he doesn't get arrested after the MCI (also the lack of evidence). at the same time he has kind of a weird vibe to him, you can just tell there's something wrong with this dude, like maybe he's trying a little too hard to look normal.

and thennnn there's what's beneath the surface. william is kind of insensitive, self-centered/selfish, and egotistical. he also absolutely refuses to admit his own faults or shortcomings. something bad happened? not his fault! he was wrong about something? no he wasn't! another thing, william is very paranoid and usually feels like anyone or anything could be a threat to him (mostly because of that one passage from the silver eyes, "had spent so much of his life fighting like a cornered rat." and ANOTHER thing from the silver eyes, "he had taken on the mantle of bitter sadism as an integral part of himself. he would strike out against others and revel in their pain, feeling righteously that the world owed him his cruel pleasures.")

at first he kills charlie because he wants to bring evan back, and feels he deserves some kind of revenge on henry because it was HIS animatronic that did the bite after all, right? but along the way he realizes he enjoys killing. and that it feels so good to have power when he hasn't for most of his life. so he keeps going, and eventually all that comes crashing down on him. and it's tragic! because he used to have what many would call a perfect life. but he completely ruined that with his own selfish desires.

Q: What’s your opinion on the recent lore drop in regards to the leak to the upcoming Tales of the Pizzaplex book? The Fnaf 4 stuff?

A: oh man i absolutely hate it. i've done a whole massive rant on it on my discord but i'll try to summarize it in a more logical way LOL

so for one, it is entirely unnecessary and kind of retroactively ruins the 4th game's impact. the nightmares don't NEED some kind of scientific logical explanation? nightmare is in their name, they're nightmares that aren't real. it should be self-explanatory and i'm not sure why it was thought that they needed to be explained (especially when there's illusion discs right there if they really wanted an explanation that badly) but it's kind of been an issue with fnaf for a long time - all the paranormal stuff is just gone for some reason, and i don't understand what the need is for everything to be sci-fi??? i heard someone else say this, but fear of the unknown is very much a real thing. and it stops being scary when it's overexplained and reduced to some random science experiment.

and then there's what they did to william. i don't know who wrote dittophobia but there is no way in hell they understand or even care about his character, or maybe they straight up hate him. like yes, we've established he's a villain and kills children. but kidnapping? experimenting? FEAR GAS? what does this actually add to his character? it's like they're just trying to make him as evil as possible without any regard for 1. what actually makes an interesting villain and 2. how he's actually portrayed! he loved kids, why the hell else would he agree to open fredbear's? even in the books he supposedly put the kids to sleep before killing them so they didn't feel it, so EVEN WITH how he's portrayed in the books i don't think he would do that kind of thing!

i feel like this kind of goes with all the villains in the fnaf series at this point (william, vanny, mimic): all of their potential is constantly getting squandered. you saw how hard they had to backpedal on william being burntrap, and how vanny was hardly even a threat, and mimic came outta nowhere if you didn't read the books (which most people don't). i feel like at its core fnaf is a tragedy, not some goofy ahh sci-fi shit. william COULD be a tragic villain, a guy who lost his marbles after his kids died, and i feel like that's really the best angle to take for his character! but most of all - they've kind of turned william's character into a joke at this point. he's not a threat, he's just fucking ridiculous because how can you take him seriously if he's just a one-note pure-evil villain in a cartoonishly goofy and over the top mad scientist way who's just evil for the hell of it!

and then there's the fact that there isn't even a mention of other already existing characters. who the fuck is rory?? where's CC and michael? why the hell is it implied william purposefully made the bite of 83 happen but then there was no mention of CC or michael. like at some point you have to wonder if whoever is writing these just straight up hates the main games (because if this isn't supposed to be tied back to the lore… then why is it advertised like that). why are they utilizing william but no one else? could they not come up with a better antagonist, or better yet, leave this unnecessary story out??

one thing that's going to be awful i think is how the fandom perceives this story. i've already seen sooo many awful takes about this story and, in turn, the rest of the lore too. like midnight motorist is just about afton kidnapping kids?? most of the fandom has already hated william but now he's kind of just. even more of a punching bag than before, so good fuckin luck to those of us who actually like him and think he's an interesting character! as well as fnaf 4… it just defeats the purpose of the nightmares as a whole, and they're not nearly as impactful or interesting as they would be if they were either a personification of michael's guilt OR cc's fears.

in my honest opinion there was no reason for this story to be written in the first place. and it's a dumb, convoluted idea. lmao